PatraCompany Web Development

We commonly hear that a business has a website, but it doesn't bring in new business. Our goal during the pre-development stage of a website build is to look at your business goals and plan ways of utilizing your website to reach and exceed those goals.


We've all visited websites that are difficult to use and hold the attention of the user for a few seconds at most. Experiences such as this end up sending the user back to search for a more relevant and convenient website. We create websites that are intuitive while using up-to-date design techniques that keep users coming back for more.


Does your business have inefficiencies that are stopping you from reaching your growth goals? Is paper still in the equation when you could have systems in place that streamline the operation? Let's take a look at your current processes, locate the bottleneck, and develop a more efficient web-based system that doesn't disrupt the flow of your business.


Our livelihood depends on the success of your business. You're not going to recommend PatraCompany if your website doesn't help you achieve your business goals. If you don't succeed, we don't succeed. Therefore it is in our interest to build you a website that acquires and creates happy customers.


We will work with your marketing team or can be your marketing team. Together, we'll develop a plan that will deliver the outcome you need to meet your goals. Let's get ahead of your competitors and take advantage of all those searchers looking for the products and services that your business offers.