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Video production is where it all started for PatraCompany. Today, video continues to be one of our great passions. We understand the power that it holds when capturing the attention of an audience and delivering a message. We're excited to hear your message and help you tell it.


Video is absolutely the most effective way to impact any target audience. The power of combining audio and video with animation is unmatched by any other medium.


Every message has an emotional tone. It can be positive, negative, or neutral. Whatever the tone may be, our job at PatraCompany is to understand your message and develop ideas to convey your message effectively. We produce videos that target and capture audiences of all kinds.


Our team of technicals and creatives have the expertise, imagination and talent to comprehend your needs and translate them into a unique and creative product that corresponds with your brand. We employ a deep understanding of all aspects of video production to expand the impact of your message.

Game Plan

In order to produce an effective video, we need to understand the goal or desired outcome that is to be achieved. This allows our team to carry a strategy during the pre-production, production and post-production processes. This strategy is a roadmap that guides us so that everyone involved is working in the same direction.