Where it began!

We’ve been rocking and rolling since 2011 and can’t wait to see where things go from here. We hope that you can join our journey, and thanks to those who are already here!

Jump to a year, we dare you!

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2011 – PatraCompany begins underground.
Literally underground in a basement.

PatraCompany 2011

Basement offices are cozy.

Paul and Travis start PatraCompany in a basement. They took both their names and smooshed them together to get PatraCompany. Real original guys! They start cranking out website projects and video production work for organizations like the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and JWTF, a motocross park in North Carolina.

2012 – Squirrels and baby business.
Lucas, Brendan, & Molly come aboard.

PatraCompany - 2012

Travis running to gather nuts.

Paul and Travis decide that they’ve got more work than a squirrel gathering nuts for winter and bring on two full-time staff. Lucas is ready to crush the video world and Brendan is to help with the web nut gathering tasks.

Baby Bonus: Travis and Elisha have a milestone year by landing their biggest contract ever in the form of a baby girl named Molly.

2013 – What are we doing guys?
Let’s start marketing with HubSpot!

From left to right: Brendan, Paul, Lucas, and Travis

The team is sick of building websites with no purpose and discover HubSpot and the game is changed. Within a few months, the team is partner certified and lands the first big retainer account. Also, there are no desks yet. Therefore, Paul, Travis, Brendan, and Lucas all get paid under the table.

2014 – Let’s shoot an infomercial.
New Office, staff, and hardware too.

PatraCompany - 2014 Legacy Infomercial Shoot

Infomercial Video Shoot

The team adds another employee to help with a video production contract for an infomercial that will run on several major television networks. Paul and Travis decide they need more office space, and desks!. Gears keep turning.

2015 – Let’s have another baby.
Why not hire again?

PatraCompany - 2015 Inbound Marketing Conference

INBOUND 2015 marketing conference – Left to right: Ellen, Paul, Brendan, and Travis.

Paul and Travis hire a social media expert named Ellen. PatraCompany has 100% revenue growth and shoots video projects in Maine, California, Tennessee, Arizona, Michigan, and who knows where else. The team attends INBOUND marketing conference for the 2nd consecutive year. What’s a hashtag?

Baby Bonus: Travis and Elisha have a baby boy named Travis Junior. Molly is pumped to have a baby brother to terrorize when she is older.

2016 – Let’s buy something.
Like a technology company!

PatraCompany - 2016

Original Computing acquisition. Left to right: Brendan, Ben, Matt C, Travis, Aaron, Paul, and Ellen

Paul and Travis decide to officially purchase Original Computing and bring onboard Matthew Carr and Ben Bernier who have become great friends over the years. Oh, and they keep marketing for several new brands they have partnered with since 2013.

2017 – Let’s hire more.
Like five more.

PatraCompany - 2017 Christmas Party

Left to right: Brendan, Jake, Brandon, Ellen, Paul, Travis, Jed, Eli, Matt. Lounging on the floor is Elliot and Steele.

Like any good squirrel, we got really hungry in 2016 and those nuts are not going to gather themselves. Therefore, we decided to hire five new staff; effectively doubling our full-time staff to ten. The lucky candidates are Jed, Brandon, Jake, Eli, and Elliot. So many nuts being gathered!

2018 – Time to double down.
And hire again!

PatraCompany - 2018 INBOUND Marketing Conference

INBOUND 2018. Left to right: Ana, Brendan, Matt

The team starts the year off right by hiring Ana and her two pups, Able and Suka. Can’t go wrong with that move!  All staff required to take HubSpot training – Able and Suka exempt – and company doubles down on HubSpot and retainer business. Ana, Brendan, and Matt attend INBOUND 2019 and set a moonshot goal for the next two years targeting 2021, thus setting up 2019 for a year of growth. Paul gets two kittens, increasing the company’s Snapchat videos significantly.

2019 – Let’s get remote
and bring on Tyler!

We start the year off right by hiring Tyler and getting him up to speed as a new Growth Manager. Remote work is opened up to the staff because it’s 2019 and we all have laptops. We have the first-ever PatraCompany team golf tournament and start implementing quarterly team building events. We attend INBOUND 2019 and our team notices a big shift in marketing coming for 2020 and beyond.

Where it’s going!

2020 is here! With privacy policies like GDPR, and now the California Consumer Privacy Act ( CCPA ), the future of marketing is going to change. We believe that this marketing future should rely more on building brand advocacy and will also see a potential reduction in the visibility of consumer actions and behaviors via web browser cookies. All-in-all we are excited to be apart of this future, stay tuned!

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