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Similar to graphic design, the visual representation of your business is created through photography. Although cameras are at our fingertips on most devices, it's still important to make sure that certain photos are taken by a professional. If photos are not professionally taken, it may have a negative impact towards your business.

Helping or Hurting?

When using photographs to represent your business, they can either help your business or hurt your business. This is excellently illustrated in the Joe, do it yourselfer restaurant owner story.

Joe, decided that he wanted to take photographs of his dishes so that his customers could preview each meal before making their order. Joe went to his favorite department store and bought the best consumer camera he could find. He took photos of each dish and created his very own menu with photographs. Joe was very proud of the work he had accomplished and couldn't wait for his customers to see.

One day, a group of friends stopped by Joe's restaurant for a quick lunch. Before sitting down, they asked to see a menu. They observed the photographs of each meal and noticed that the food didn't look of high quality. They didn't know that the photographs were unprofessionally taken, they just knew the food didn't look appetizing. These customers decided to leave Joe's restaurant and to look at the menu of the restaurant next door.

This transaction had nothing to do with the fact that Joe's dishes weren't tasty, it had all to do with his photographs. They didn't show his product in the light they deserved. His camera automatically provided him with settings that he did not understand. His end product was fuzzy, under-exposed, and were considered low-quality photos that ended up hurting his business instead of helping it.

Consumer cameras are extremely useful when it comes to social media sharing but are not the professional quality your business needs for your website and print materials. This is where we come in. No matter the situation, you can be confident that we'll capture your business professionally so that you and your products attract customers instead of repelling them.