Wallboard Supply Company

A Rebuild From the Ground Up.

Wallboard Supply Company started their relationship with us back in 2012. Over the years we have helped them move from a static HTML website to a powerful lead generating marketing machine. The primary function of the website is to make it easy to find product information for the user and to easily capture these users into leads. Once they become a lead they pass into a CRM and Marketing Automation platform where we can actively engage the lead from both a marketing and sales perspective. Depending on the “lifecycle stage” of the contact we will further market to them or a sales person will directly reach out to provide a quote or answer any necessary questions.

Wallboard Supply Company - Home Page Mobile View

Responsive Framework + Powerful Infrastructure

Wallboard Supply Company is built using the responsive Bootstrap framework to ensure that all assets on the website display across the many devices in the fast-moving technology world.

In addition to the responsive framework, the site is built on the Amazon AWS infrastructure. Therefore, executive staff can rest assured knowing that their site will be delivered with speed and consistency.

Whether the user is browsing via their mobile device in an airport, a tablet on the job site, or a desktop at the office, the Wallboard Supply Company website will present a professional appearance every time

Marketing Automation

Wallboard Supply Company started with little to no lead generation. Fast forward to 2018 and they are seeing dozens of leads per month generated from both web and phone inquiries. Leveraging HubSpot forms, CTAs, and gated content has given us the ability to not only build a contact database but has also allowed us to have detailed insight into each contact. As we continue to move forward with their marketing beyond 2018 we hope to see success from their new tile-based home page.

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Wallboard Supply Company - Website Sessions
HubSpot Logo

HubSpot HubL Integration

With their commitment to the HubSpot marketing software, Wallboard Supply Company wanted to ensure that their branding and website stayed consistent across multiple platforms. The platforms being their primary website built on PatraCompany servers and the HubSpot marketing platform where they maintain their extensive blog database. With the HubL design code, we are able to provide the visitor with a seamless experience when visiting either platform.

See how we coded a complete redesign of a landing page template for Everett J. Prescott.

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CRM Development & Integration

With HubSpot in place – if you don’t know what HubSpot is we recommended reading this post – there became a need to manage leads that came in from the website. With no CRM in place, we decided to build a custom CRM that directly integrates with HubSpot. Through API integrations they now have a place to manage and track sales. Each sales rep has their own individual login and can be assigned a contact via the sales manager.

Already have a CRM, no worries, we can integrate and work with most systems including Salesforce and more!

Wallboard Supply Company CRM - Account Management Screen
Wallboard Supply Company - Old Logo
Wallboard Supply Company - Logo Redesign

Brand Refresh & Logo Design

We have been fortunate to work with Wallboard Supply Company for over 5 years. During this time we have helped them evolve their branding and logo to better represent the company as they continue to grow. Everything from business cards, product brochures, lettering, and their digital platforms are consistent and properly branded.

Partner Testimonial

“The team at PatraCompany are what I would consider to be best in class. They have subject matter experts to handle any type of marketing or promotional endeavour you want to take on. They are innovative, creative and forward thinking. They treat you like a person and are a fun group to work with. This is definitely the team you want on your side.

Kerri Enwright, PHR
Vice President, Growth and Development

Wallboard Supply Company

Paul Michaud Jr.

Meet Paul, Account Manager

Paul loves working with his hands, so when Wallboard came knocking Paul answered! Just like a contractor, Paul measures twice and cuts once! He understands what looks good and is picky down to the smallest detail, so when building the new website it had to pass his inspection first. Paul has helped generate thousands of web and phone leads and continues to help set Wallboard up for success!

Paul is an expert in marketing and project consulting. Give him a shout via our contact form by clicking the link below.
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