New Concept Tools

A Custom E-Commerce Solution.

New Concept Tools has been manufacturing waterworks tools and equipment since 1978. As the company grew and expanded their products, executive leadership began to realize their need for a digital presence. With the desire for an e-commerce solution clear, we began working with their team to implement a system built specifically for their needs. This solution allowed customers to browse, purchase, and track their orders using the web. These capabilities – combined with marketing initiatives – provide their executive team with detailed insight into where sales are originating and which products are selling.

A Responsive Framework

New Concept Tools is built using the responsive Bootstrap framework to ensure that all devices provide a positive experience for the user. Whether the user is using a mobile device, tablet, or desktop the framework will present a professional appearance for all.

NCTs fluid responsive framework facilitates, improves, and maintains the speed of its optimized mobile and desktop website. With more screen sizes than ever before, adapting to select few sizes does not solve the mobile and multi-device issue.

NCT’s fluid responsive means that it’s website fluidly responds to the device size using percentages rather than media queries. Its fluid responsive sites adapt to all screen sizes, not just some screen sizes.

SEO & MOZ Monitoring

New Concept Tools is seeing an overwhelming amount of year-over-year increase in URL’s receiving visits from organic traffic sources. Since our partnership with NCT, they’ve seen over a 400% increase over two years in organic traffic sources – see image on the right. Search Engine Optimization is always changing, which is why we are constantly looking for ways to improve rankings, drive traffic, increase awareness and making their site better for visitors.

* MOZ pulls data directly from Google Analytics so Joe and Rebecca know they are in good hands.

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Sessions & Bounce Rate

The chart on the left is comparing website sessions and bounce rates, two very important metrics. Both of these data points are trending in the right direction and with a deeper dive, we are able to gather more valuable data and insights. The blue line (bounce rate) stays consistent over the two years which is good as the green bars (sessions) increases dramatically. This lets our marketing team know that our pages are doing their job by giving the visitor what they want whether it’s on that page or another page on the site. Overall, this is a good bounce rate as it has stayed pretty consistent with sessions almost doubling.

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E-Commerce Store

New Concept Tools did not have a checkout system for their customers when we first sat down to discuss their challenges and goals back early in 2016. This was a problem, as they were missing out on a lot of potential sales. NCT only had one way people could shop for their products so they were missing out on the percentage of shoppers who preferred to and or could only shop from the web.

A large factor in a stores success derives from their location. Being located in South Barre, MA gave NCT a huge disadvantage. So we decided to build an e-commerce website and implement a custom management portal. This allowed for NCT to reach new prospective customers through search and allow prospective customers to shop where, how and when they want.

Instead of relying on their physical location we were able to give NCTs the ability to get found and sell their products directly through the web.


*Joe and Rebecca went from having zero online orders and sale to receiving over 340 orders resulting in over $57,247.00.

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HubSpot Integration

HubSpot has been able to assist:

  • Attract More Visitors
  • Convert More Leads
  • Close More Deals
  • Delight More Customers

Through HubSpot Joe and Rebecca can track each individual contact or sale that funnels through their website and syncs valuable data like traffic source, pages viewed and emails opened and clicked.

All of this data is attached to the contact and can be used for contact segmentation, email marketing campaigns, and custom workflows that can automate their marketing process.

HubSpot Logo
Barrels Direct HubSpot Contact Data Screen

Partner Testimonial

“PatraCompany is a full service company. Their team took our website from concept to a dynamic tool that grows in traffic and sales at an impressive rate. They work with us to stay on top of industry trends so that the site is never static. We are very pleased with how far we have come, and excited about where we are going.​”

Joe Palombo, Branch Manager

New Concept Tools

Ellen Morrison

Meet Ellen, Account Manager

Ellen was so excited when we started getting online web orders we had to get her a gong! So instead of running from office to office, she can now ring the gong to let the office know an online sale was made! Every month is a new challenge for Ellen to help increase and top previous NCTs online sales.

Ellen is an expert in marketing and project consulting. Fill out our contact form and you will probably hear from her.
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