Empowering Parents

Telling A Story To Drive Change

As a parent, it’s tough to know the most effective way to discipline your child when behavior gets out of hand – especially when what you’ve been doing isn’t working. When the frustration sets in, it often leads a parent down the online research path to seek a solution to help end the bad behavior. The most engaging and convincing content discovered through this research process will persuade the searcher in taking the next steps in solving the challenge at hand.

Video Production - Testimonial Video

Connecting On A Deeper Level

Empowering Parents (EP) had developed a proven child-behavior management solution through the Total Transformation program. EP needed to get the Total Transformation in front of their target audience – the frustrated and exhausted parent.

They already had a website that was generating traffic, but they wanted to increase conversion rates by resonating with their visitors on a deeper level. It was only moments into our initial conversation with EP about increasing conversion rates that we all knew we needed to set out on a journey of capturing real success stories of families – across the country – who had used the Total Transformation program to end their child’s behavior problems.

Video Production Begins

Video testimonials were the answer. EP had the website with informative content, but that wasn’t convincing enough to get the product in front of more frustrated parents. EP contacted families who had purchased the program and found several from different regions of the United States willing to tell their stories.

Knowing a number of studies have shown that up to 90% of purchases are made based on emotion, we knew there was no better way to resonate with EP’s audience than with the emotional connection made between two parents struggling with the same challenge. Several flights were scheduled and our video crews traveled from Santa Cruz, California to Fayetteville, North Carolina and many stops in between to meet the families and to capture their story.

Outdoors Video Production Set

The Videos

Below are a few of the videos that we produced for Empowering Parents in an effort to increase conversion by nurturing visitors through the research and consideration stages of the buying flywheel.

The Matisak Family

With two boys and a husband with cancer, the Matisak family had life turned upside down. As a result, Willie was unable to control his emotions. The Total Transformation was put in place and it started driving results almost immediately and the Matisak family no longer lives in fear.

The Pack Family

With her husband deployed overseas, Bobbi Pack is challenged by her son’s aggressive behavior. Questions and guilt plague her mind and the feeling of failure haunt her. Through her mother’s discovery of the Total Transformation, she was able to remedy her son’s behavior and the burden of failure was lifted.

The Carpenter Family

Rashid’s young parents were struggling to raise their son. Upon seeing her grandson on the streets of Detriot, Rashid’s grandmother stepped up to the plate and found an aggressive young man who was exploring sex & drugs. With the Total Transformation, Rashid’s grandmother has been able to establish a positive change for Rashid and his future.

Television Infomercial Production

After capturing these successes and producing testimonial videos for each of the nine different families across the country, we began brainstorming ways to utilize all of this new content. It didn’t take us long to realize that a television infomercial would be the best way to compile all of these stories and to deliver the collective message that the Total Transformation has to tell.

Pre-production immediately began including scripting, storyboarding, location and talent scheduling, set design, and everything in between. Below are three short snippets of the infomercial.


Steve Anderson

Partner Testimonial

“The whole PatraCompany team have been fantastic to work with. They’re real professionals who have a great eye for producing video content that sells- and they have fun doing it. I’d highly recommend PatraCompany to anyone looking to create dynamic, believable video.”

Steve Anderson, Founder & CEO

Empowering Parents

Travis Steward

Meet Travis, Growth Manager

Travis loves video production. He went to school for it, he does it on the weekends, and is frequently seen eating his lunch while discussing video tactics. Therefore, Travis thoroughly enjoyed producing all of the content for Empowering Parents; including the four-day infomercial shoot and the countless testimonial videos he directed across the good old US of A.

Travis is one of the owners at PatraCompany and he likes chatting goals! Fill out our contact form and you will probably end up chatting with him.
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