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A One Stop Oak Barrel Shop and Resource.

Barrels Direct established themselves in the year 2015 as a supplier of – you guessed it – oak spirit and wine barrels. Matt and Emily, the Owner and Marketing Director, approached us in 2016 to see if we wanted to partner with them to assist them with their marketing direction. After a few drinks and some conversation, both parties were ready to start moving forward with plans to improve the Barrels Direct brand. After many months of meetings and website development, Barrels Direct now receives requests for quotes directly from the website. With sights on a custom built barrel tracker and marketing initiatives like cooperage training, 2019 and beyond looks promising for Barrels Direct.

A Responsive Framework + Power of WordPress

Built on the Foundation framework, the Barrels Direct website is ready for all devices, no matter the device type or size. With updates coming directly from the developer, they know that the site will stay consistent and professional.

Combining the developer updates with WordPress updates – both applied by our in-house team – they know that the site is in good hands against security threats. However, no website is hack-proof, so we ensure that the Barrels Direct website has backups available to be restored if the occasion ever occurs as well as a number of other security precautions.

With regular updates to the WordPress core, and the website framework, Matt and Emily are able to focus on their energy on higher level items.

SEO & MOZ Monitoring

Barrels Direct is currently enjoying an excellent month-over-month increase in URL’s receiving visits from organic traffic sources during the first 11 months of our relationship according to our MOZ reports*. In fact, only one month out of eleven has seen a decrease in visits – see image on the right. However, trends are not always up, which is why we are vigilant in monitoring and bringing new ideas to the table to help turn around any negative trends that pop up. So far, so good.

* MOZ pulls data directly from Google Analytics so Matt and Emily know they are getting rock solid data.

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Barrels Direct MOZ Performance
Barrels Direct Session vs Bounce Performance

Sessions & Bounce Rate

The chart on the left is comparing two very important metrics, website sessions and bounce rate. Individually these data points look to be doing “okay”, as they both are trending in the desired direction. However, when you plot them together on one chart, you gain some very valuable insight. This data makes a much more impressive data point – you can see the blue line ( bounce rate ) drops while the green bars ( sessions ) increases. This tells us that our content is more “sticky” and the users visiting the site are browsing more pages versus exiting the site. Generally speaking, you do not see a bounce rate drop as traffic increases. Therefore, we are proud of this metric and hope to continue with this trend.

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WooCommerce Logo
Barrels Direct WooCommerce Data

Streamlined Request A Quote

When we first sat down to discuss their challenges and goals back in early 2017, Barrels Direct did not have an easy request-a-quote process for their customers. That had to change. We implemented a WooCommerce solution that allows for quotes to easily pass on to Matt and Emily, while providing a simplistic shopping cart style approach for the user. So far to date, Matt and Emily have received over $500,000.00* in domestic and international quotes for their barrels via the new quote system.

*Open data set image by clicking here.

HubSpot and WooCommerce & Integration

With WooCommerce successfully bringing in quotes for Emily and Matt, we decided that the next step was to start gathering data. In order to accomplish this task, we enrolled them with a HubSpot subscription to help them with contact management.

HubSpot easily allows Matt and Emily to track each individual contact that funnels through their website – including their new request-a-quote form – and syncs valuable data like traffic source and the pages the contact viewed.

All of this data is attached to the contact and can be used for contact segmentation, email marketing campaigns, and custom workflows that can automate their marketing process.

HubSpot Logo
Barrels Direct HubSpot Contact Data Screen

Partner Testimonial

“Having a strong relationship with your marketing company is key, and I’m happy to know we’ve found “the one”. Every single member of the PatraCompany team has taken time to know our business inside and out so they can custom tailer everything to our specific needs. I’ve found other marketing companies to be “yes men”. Not PatraCompany. They know exactly what they’re good at, and it shows with data backed results.”

Matt Albrecht, Founder & Owner

River Drive

Brand Refresh & Logo Design

In addition to the website refresh with Barrels Direct, we were tasked with helping them create a new look for the Barrels Direct brand which included their official logo. This logo is designed to strongly emphasize the fact that they are a wooden barrel supplier while presenting a uniform text to ensure the eyes are drawn to the barrel at the top.

In addition to their logo redesign we helped them create a brand standards guide to ensure that the brand is being used as desired regardless of where it appears.

Barrels Direct Logo - Old
Barrels Direct Logo
Matthew Carr

Meet Matt, Account Manager

Matt is a lover of all things craft beer, so he was super pumped when we brought on Barrels Direct. He enjoys working closely with Emily and Matt to make sure the Barrels Direct brand is rolling in the right direction. #pun

Matt is an expert in marketing and business operations. Use our contact form to set up a time to chat with him!
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