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 You deserve a team of passionate creators working side-by-side with you to deliver engaging marketing campaigns. The services below are not a la carte because this isn’t the high school lunch line. These are simply here to let you know what you get when you partner with PatraCompany. Our core efforts in marketing are based on the flywheel methodology and require an annual retainer. » View Retainer Pricing

Services Marketing

Consulting & Strategy

Perfect for companies that have an in-house marketing team that needs anything from an outside perspective to an extra pair of hands on a campaign. Our consulting strategy starts by determining the SMART goals and creating an execution timeline that will help you reach them.

Marketing and Sales Enablement Services

Marketing & Sales Enablement

Why waste time tracking down leads when your web presence can do that for you? Inbound Marketing allows your sales team to spend more time converting leads to customers. Combined with traditional marketing tactics – to ensure a fluid campaign across multiple channels – your business will reach your growth goals and meet deadlines faster than ever before.

Services Video Production

Video Production

Video production is where it all started for PatraCompany. Today, video continues to be one of our great passions. We understand the power that it holds when capturing the attention of an audience and delivering a message. We’re excited to hear your message and help you tell it.

Web Development

We commonly hear that a business has a website, but it doesn’t bring in new business. Our goal during the pre-development stage of a website build is to look at your business goals and plan ways of utilizing your website to reach and exceed those goals.

Branding and Brand Management Services

Brand Management

Sometimes you need to rebrand, and instead of it being a stressful undertaking it should be a fun and exciting experience. Our team sees a lot of businesses with multiple variations of their logo and no brands standards document in place. That’s when we get excited, because we know we can help!

Graphic Design Services - Flight Deck Brewing Can Design


The visual representation of your business is created through graphic design. It can be clean, simple, edgy, classy, playful, you name it! At PatraCompany, we take a closer look at your business, help you identify your audience and discuss ideas and directions that best represent the values and philosophy of your company.

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