Inbound Marketing Explained


The old way of sales is fading. Why waste time tracking down leads when your web presence can do that for you? Inbound Marketing allows your sales team to spend more time converting leads to customers, therefore enabling your business to reach your growth goals and meet deadlines faster than ever before.

Step One


The first step is to go fishing. In order to be successful fishermen, we need the right bait to lure in the quality fish. How do we do this? We post quality and relevant content to your site, engage people on social media, and market directly to our buyers through paid search when necessary.

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Step Two


Each visitor is at a different stage of the buying process. Some are ready to buy instantly while others are just browsing. No matter the stage, our goal is to convert them into a lead and eventually into a customer.

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Step Three


So we've done a great job at attracting visitors and converting them to leads. Next, our job is to nurture these leads down the buying funnel using methods that work best for your industry and buyers. The more buyers that we push further down the funnel, the more leads we close into customers.

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Step Four


Inbound doesn't stop at the close of customer. Not only do a lot of customers make additional purchases, but they can become one of your greatest assets. They do this by engaging with you on social media, sharing the content on your website, and using word of mouth by telling their friends, family, and colleagues how awesome you are.

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We're constantly collecting data in an effort to make smart marketing decisions. This data is yours to view as well. Visits, leads, customers, where they came from, how they're converting, and so much more is included in our monthly reporting. We're excited about what we're able to do for your company and with monthly reporting, we're able to show off a little bit.

See the ROI

Our favorite component of the Inbound Marketing process is your return of investment. Starting from day 1, we track the conversion of customers along with the money each customer spends. With this, you're able to see the money you've spent with us against the money you've made from our strategic plan. This allows you to see the value in what we do.