PatraCompany Graphic Design

The visual representation of your business is created through graphic design. It can be clean, simple, edgy, classy, playful, you name it! At PatraCompany, we take a closer look at your business, help you identify your audience and discuss ideas and directions that best represent the values and philosophy of your company.

Stand Out

Think of your competitors from a design standpoint. What colors do they use? What fonts do they use? Think of their logo. How do you differ? Do you have a clear distinction separating you from your competitors? Graphic design can do just that. We'll look at your mission, values, and company culture and translate them into the a design that represents your business.


Consistency, Consistency, Consistency. Did we mention consistency? Your graphic elements absolutely need to be consistent in order to build brand recognition. We'll work with you to develop brand standards so that your entire team knows exactly how to use them no matter where they are being placed.


The visual representation of your brand is the face of your business. When trust is developed with your brand, the trust is associated with the design of your brand. What brands have you grown to trust? Are you visualizing the logo? Can you see the colors? Trust and loyalty is what we want to establish with your brand.