Evergreen Home Performance

Since 2006, Evergreen has helped thousands of people reduce their energy consumption and become more comfortable in their homes. Along the way, Evergreen has shared their passion for energy efficiency by training dozens of home performance professionals, participating in community weatherization and outreach events, and advocating for policies that improve energy security for working families. Evergreen Home Performance offers energy efficiency audits & contracting throughout Coastal Maine, with Energy Advisors based in Portland, Bath, Rockland, and Belfast.

API Integration / Data Manipulation / Consulting / Custom Coding

Evergreen Home Performance

As Evergreen began to grow rapidly, they had the issue of internal communication growth. They had been building their own internal tools for use in the field and scheduling, but sales agents used a third party CRM. Facilitating the data move between the two systems was a big challenge.


Using our oCMP software, we built a system that could use webhooks and the API to pull and push info between the two systems. We also built tools for Google Calendar scheduling integrations that integrate with the software. By having oCMP manipulate the data, the internal tool can focus on what it does best, putting info in the hands of the right employee.


Upon implementation of the oCMP code, Evergreen had more insight and the ability to more easily manipulate the CRM data using their internal software tools. After two additional versions of the data manipulation code on their custom oCMP, they are still running strong while customizations continue to cater to their needs.