Brent created the first fingerprint wedding bands in the early 2000s. In 2009 Brent & Jess had the opportunity to pursue their dream of starting their own business and began listing the Original Custom Fingerprint Wedding Band in sterling silver on the fine craft website The idea was picked up by several wedding blogs, and customers quickly began asking for the rings in finer materials. The initial response was amazing and almost overwhelming. As Master Jewelers with more than 17 years experience, Brent and Jess were certainly qualified to begin crafting these fingerprint rings in precious metals.

Web / CRM / Inventory Management / Reporting

Brent&Jess - Custom Fingerprint Rings & Jewelry

Managing of prospective customers through the consultative sales process was challenging and with the current tools, things were slipping through the cracks. Calculating prices in various sizes and metals was time consuming based on metal market prices. Tracking different products through the manufacturing process was not easily possible, and timelines were hard to shift as needed.


Designed, built and implemented a custom CRM with a custom inventory manager that could track and facilitate customer interactions while enabling management to see reports on conversions and ROI from referrals and web ads. By working with metal market APIs, a real-time calculator that quotes up to 5 different metals at once per ring was made that sales agents could easily use in a matter of seconds.


The pricing calulator saved the manager 10 hours per week in price quotes. The custom tools built allow Brent&Jess to manage their site to make changes without breaking the layout. The CRM has allowed Brent&Jess to excel at communications with clients and provide the exceptional customer service. Five years later, the CRM is still used daily by every member of the Brent&Jess team.