Getting the Most from Your Calls to Action

Calls to actions are buttons or forms on your business website where you ask your readers to take action. Click now! Subscribe here, Purchase Today are all small examples of all to action text. Calls to action (CTA's) are the next step in your sales pipeline from your blog. You have given some value and now you are asking for the reader to take action.

When a blog reader clicks on a CTA it is considered a conversion. From a conversion you hope to get a 'sale'. There is a lot you can do get more conversions and ultimately more customers from your business website.

A/B Testing Your CTA's

The first thing you should be aware of is A/B testing. Testing different text, pictures, colors and other variables is the most important thing you can do. Ideally you should always be testing, aiming for a greater conversion rate.

Small tweaks can make an amazing difference in conversion rates, and as the years go by different styles can come and go affecting conversion. So we will talk about the following attributes, remember that its important to be flexible and open to changing or tweaking your CTA's.

Call to Action Copy

The text in your CTA is what will inspire emotion from the reader. Think of CTA's you may have interacted with on the web, they might have said;

  • Click to Purchase, Only 10 available at this Price
  • Access Now
  • Try it for FREE
  • Take a Quick Tour
  • Secure Sign Up

These quick bits of text inspire action while also putting to rest feelings of anxiety. This should be your goal AS LONG AS your CTA gives value and is relevant to the scenario.

Color and Design

Color and design will change mostly depending on your market and who will be your target customer. There are many designs that work well for all scenarios and it is your job to test them out to find what your readers respond to best.

Consider the psychology behind colors when creating CTA's. Some colors make you calm while others communicate urgency. Test, test and re-test different applications to get the best conversion rate.

The After Experience

Once the user has clicked on a CTA make sure you give them the value they are seeking in an easy manner that will leave them feeling like they did the right thing instead of feeling scammed. Say thank you for taking their time and continue to use design to make them feel safe and content with their decision to interact with your site.

Also, once they fill out a CTA form or click a button give the ma chance to interact with your site further. For example if you offer an e-book on landscaping your own yard and a reader downloads it,give them the chance to contact you for a free estimate of your services etc. This is your chance to make the most of the interaction so get creative.

In Conclusion

CTA's give you a lot fo data about how people interact with your website as well as acting as a guide down your sales funnel. Make the most of them and never stop testing for optimal performance.

Get creative and stay true to your customers. Offer as much value as you can and use CTA's to deliver that value in exchange for the opportunity to market to these folks in the future.


Photo credit: mil8 / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)