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Promote business growth through qualified lead generation and customer acquisition with creativity, sound reason, and execution.

The PatraCompany Team

Our Creative Minds

Paul Michaud
Owner / Manager

He likes motocross, the outdoors, and being healthy. He understands what looks good. He is picky down to the smallest detail and when it comes to satisfying a client, the product has to pass his inspection first.

Travis Steward
Owner / Manager

He is an outdoorsman and a family man. He is dedicated to creating and maintaining strong relationships both personally and professionally. His passion to solve problems ensures a quality product.

Brendan Gilbert
Marketing Accounts Manager

Brendan enjoys helping companies increase their customer base and enjoys tracking the results. When it comes to life, he enjoys walking his Husky Steele, fishing with his old man, and camping.

Ellen Morrison
Marketing Accounts Manager

After studying to become an Auror at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Ellen decided to pursue a marketing career. She enjoys hiking, exploring the outdoors and crossfitting.

Matthew Carr
Business Development

Matt is a lover of beards, craft beer, fitness and family. He enjoys solving unique problems through critical thinking & teamwork and works to provide clients with insight on their operational and technical challenges.

Jedidiah Allen
Videographer / Editor

Jedidiah enjoys spending time with his family, playing with his band SKOSH, and when he is at the office brewing coffee and putting together the most creative videos humanly possible.

Brandon Goding
Lead Web Developer / Systems Admin

Brandon enjoys spending his time snapping photos of his dog Buddy as they traverse wilderness hikes. Brandon has a strong passion for quality programming using PHP, Python, and MySQL.

Jake Leithiser
Content Associate

As a recent track star, and graduate from the University of Maine, Jake brings excellent writing skills and a fresh take on marketing and public relations. Jake enjoys being active in all sports he can find.