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Your Success is Our Business

We're in the business of your success and we mean it. Without the success of your business, our portfolio is not worth showcasing. Our portfolio is the lifeblood of PatraCompany and we strive to create the best portfolio possible. In order to do this, we go the extra mile to make sure our clients are using the latest media technologies and are at their best. Whether it's through video production, photography, graphic design, web design, social media, radio, or other medias, we employ the necessary tools to effectively market your business. Creating professional memorable brands is what we do, and we can do it for you!

Develop brands that carry positive lasting impressions

Representation - Your image is our image and your success, our success.

Honesty - Trust is everything to us. We will not mislead you.

Responsibility - Your business has deadlines. We'll meet them.

Creativity - We love creating unique media tailored to your business needs.


  • Wallboard Supply Company, Inc.

    PatraCompany helped us discover a whole new world of marketing. Without them, team Wallboard Supply would've never known how to tap into the world of social media. From completely rebuilding our company's website to video production of my own wedding and now handling Wallboard's complete online marketing package, these guys never disappoint!

    -Ryan Fillion :: Vice President

  • Maine Warden Service

    We have worked with PatraCompany for several years and have established a considerable amount of trust in their reliability on work product. We have called on them for a variety of multi-media needs to include, documentary and recruitment videos, website design, graphic design, as well as public service announcement production. PatraCompany delivers state-of-the-art technology, a tireless work ethic, fast turnaround times, and a finished product that always impresses. With all this come patient, approachable personalities that listen to customer's needs.

    -Colonel Joel Wilkinson

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Paul Michaud


He likes motocross, the outdoors, and being healthy. People call him Jack because he knows a little about a lot of things. He understands what looks good and what does not. He is picky down to the smallest detail and when it comes to satisfying a client, the product has to pass his inspection first.


Travis Steward


He is an outdoorsman and a family man. He is dedicated to creating and maintaining strong relationships both personally and professionally. His passion to solve multimedia needs ensures a quality product that will stand out and get results.


Brendan Gilbert

Research & Development

As a Digital Communications professional, Brendan enjoys helping companies increase their customer base and enjoys tracking the results with industry leading tools. When it comes to life, he enjoys walking his Husky Steele, fishing with his old man, and camping with his wife.

Inbound Marketing

A graphic showing up arrows in relation to search engine results.

What is Inbound Marketing?

It's online marketing that works. Strangers to your business are searching the internet for solutions that your business provides. Wouldn't it be nice if we could convert those visitors into customers? Wouldn't be great if we could take it one step further and convert those customers into proud promoters of your brand?

We have good news!

Inbound Marketing can do just that. We can help your business develop a strategic plan to target your buyers and convert them into happy customers that promote your brand through word of mouth and social media. Sounds too good to be true right? Wrong! We don't want to give away all the secrets here, but we would love to give you a free consultation to see how we can help you achieve the online success that your business deserves!

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Web Design & Development - Skiers Edge

Project Overview:

Jim Myrick approached us with the desire to create an eCommerce solution that would expose his inventory to world. We set up a framework that was easy to use and was within his budget. We then instructed Jim's son Casey on how to manage the inventory and update the website by adding products, blogs, and handling orders. Jim and Casey now manage the website on their own but we're here to consult with them when they need us.

Company Overview:

Skier's Edge is a top brand ski racing product retailer located in Auburn Maine. They sell brands such as Volkl, Spyder, Marker, Nordica, Poc, and many others. Skier's Edge is owned and operated by motorcycle and ski expert Jim Myrick. Jim has provided the latest in ski racing products to local ski racers around New England for many years.

Website Managed By: Skier's Edge

Website Link: www.skiersedgeonline.com

Web Design & Development - Clark Metal Fabrication

Project Overview:

Clark Metal Fabrication knew they needed to build a website and showcase their work but wasn't sure how to get started. Paul and Travis have been friends with the staff at Clark Metal Fabrication for the past decade and after a little conversation, we presented them with a plan to start the process. The plan included a new logo design along with color standards to compliment a website that would act as a portfolio of their work. The website not only showcases their work across smartphones, tablets, and all other devices but provides their visitors with information about the company and their services.

Company Overview:

Clark Metal Fabrication began operations in January of 1999. The company was formed to serve the needs of industrial and commercial businesses, while still keeping it's roots in the community it resides in. Their personnel have over 100 years of combined trade experience, giving them a real vision on innovative ways to fabricate. The field experience of their crew also helps to facilitate ease of installation for their customers.

Website Managed By: Clark Metal Fabrication

Website Link: www.clarkmetalfab.net

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Your website is tool that should be built in a way that converts visitors into customers. What good is a website that doesn't bring in substantial revenue for your business?

Strangers to your business are searching the internet for solutions that your business provides. Wouldn't it be nice if we could convert those visitors into customers? Wouldn't be great if we could take it one step further and convert those customers into proud promoters of your brand?

Video Production

Video Production

Video is absolutely the most effective way to impact any target audience. The power of combining audio and video with animation is unmatched by any other medium.

Every message has it's emotional tone. It can be positive, negative, or neutral. Whatever the tone may be, our job at PatraCompany is to understand your message and develop ideas to convey your message effectively. We want to produce a product that targets your audience and most importantly, brings results to your business.

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Social Media

Social Media

The power of smartphones has aided the boom of social media. No matter where people are, their friends, family, and colleagues are just a few buttons away. These people, are your customers.

It's time to join your customers. They can help you build your audience if you provide them with engaging content that stirs conversation and sharing. Together, we can come up with a plan to connect with your existing and potential customers. Let's get social!


Keith Burgie

Web Development

With a well-rounded skill set and knowledge of all things that make the internet tick, Keith specializes in front-end development, interfaces, and responsive web design. Away from the desk, Keith enjoys yogging and Anchorman quotes.

Web Design & Development - Reid Lanpher

Project Overview:

Reid Lanpher's father, Scott of Scott's Recreation, approached us with the request to build a website for his son. Reid was currently racing cars and needed a place to post results, and list his sponsors. We took the idea a little further and provided Reid and his father with a website that allowed blogging and a place to post photos, videos, his race schedule, and much more.

About Reid:

Reid started racing motocross at a young age and showed plenty of promise until he suffered a severe break to his back. After his doctors recommended that he find a safer hobby, his sights turned to four wheels. Reid continued to race well in a cart and soon took to the Legends car. In 2012 he became the youngest driver to ever win in a Legend's car at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. In the fall of 2012 he was invited to test a car for JR Motorsports and sealed a deal to race along Josh Berry for the title at Motor Mile Speedway in Radford, Va. in 2013.

Website Managed By: Reid Lanpher

Website Link: www.reidlanpher.com

Web Design

Web Design

We've all visited websites that are cluttered, unattractive, unorganized and not user friendly. Websites with these characteristics hold the attention of the user for a few seconds at most.

We design websites that keep your audience informed, engaged and coming back for more. Your website should make sense for your company by using up-to-date techniques and software, with organized content that is easy to navigate. Most of all, your website should be your biggest sales asset.

Graham Nash

Graphic Design

As PatraCompany's lead graphic designer, Graham enjoys anything that requires a creative touch. He has several years of web design and email design/development for companies all across New England. Graham hails from the south and enjoys spending time with his wife and kids.

Web Design & Development - EB Metal PDF Submittal System

Project Overview:

EB Metal Inc. needed a solution that would export their product information in a neat and organized way via a new online submittal system. After talking with EB Metal and putting their needs into action, we developed a system for contractors and engineers to create submittals quickly and on the fly right from the EB Metal website. No more scanning, emailing, saving, and taking notes. Everything needed to put EB Metal's products into an organized submittal that exports and saves as a PDF, was now a reality after the build of this new system.

Company Overview:

EB Metal Inc. is a full line lightweight steel framing manufacturer and fabricator located in Montreal, Quebec, and Londonderry, NH. EB Metal serves the Quebec, Ontario, and the North-Eastern USA market. The ever-changing demands of the building and construction industry leads EB Metal Inc. efforts in committing to order accuracy, high fill rates, and on time delivery, whether it's to your yard or directly to the job site.

Website Managed By: PatraCompany

Website Link: www.ebmetal.us

Web Design & Development - Wallboard Supply Company

Project Overview: Wallboard Supply Company, Inc. originally approached us to do some video production work. After a few conversations and a look at their previous web presence, we stressed to them the importance of having a quality website that not only followed consistent brand standards but was easy to navigate and use by their online visitors. The previous website lacked proper search engine optimization and cross browser consistency. We provided them with a solution that not only gave their visitor a better experience while maintaining the Wallboard Supply Company brand, but significantly increased their visibility with search engines. We are working everyday to improve their presence and bring in organic leads with their new, quality website.

Company Overview: Wallboard Supply Company, Inc. is a third generation, family owned business that has been serving New England's building needs since 1970. Bob Filion started the company with a commitment to provide quality sheetrock and finishing products with unmatched customer service. The company has grown over the years, expanding its' product range, but never wavering from its' core values. Bob's son John, and grandson Ryan, now proudly lead the company, carrying on the same commitments that were made over 43 years ago.

Website Managed By: PatraCompany

Website Link: www.wallboardsupplyco.com

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

The visual representation of your business is created through graphic design. It can be clean, simple, edgy, classy, playful, you name it!

At PatraCompany, we take a closer look at your business, help you identify your audience and discuss ideas and directions that best represent the values and philosophy of your company. We'll put some concepts together and work with you until you're happy with your image.

Web Design and Development - Everette J. Prescott

Project Overview:

We met with the higher ups at Everett J. Prescott ( Team EJP) to present them with the idea of building a modern sales system that would increase the efficiency of their sales staff. This presentation opened the vision of Team EJP and quickly turn into the need of updating their website into a new and modern responsive design that would serve their staff and customers. We've given them a whole new look and provided their team with a management portal to keep internal documents away from the public but available when they need them.

Company Overview:

Everett J. Prescott, Inc. was founded in 1955 in Gardiner, Maine. As the first waterworks distributor north of Massachusetts, they offered water-main tapping and installation, and underground boring. As Team EJP continues to grow and expand, we pledge to continue providing the industry's finest water, sewer, drain and gas products, backed by our exceptional level of service.

Website Managed By: PatraCompany & Team EJP

Website Link: www.ejprescott.com

Web Design & Development - PEP Classic Cars

Project Overview:

PEP Classic Car Company, a Team EJP Racing company, approached us with the need to build a portfolio website to showcases their work and classic car collection. We worked with manager Adam Ross collecting photos, video and details for each car to used in the build of an all new responsive website.

Company Overview:

Team EJP Racing has taken their knowledge, training, and expertise and has applied it to the custom car fabrication business. With an eye for detail, style, and the use of high quality equipment and cutting edge material, Team EJP Racing can fulfill any custom fabrication need through PEP Classic Cars. They look forward to discussing projects and satisfying customers.

Website Managed By: PatraCompany

Website Link: www.pepclassiccars.com

Web Design & Development - Jimmy Weinert Training Facility

Project Overview:

At the start of the Jimmy Weinert Training Facility, Jimmy Weinert reached out to the guys at Factory Connection looking for a website developer reccomendation. Factory Connection referred Jimmy Weinert to PatraCompany. From there, we learned about the start of his new motocross training facility and his need to provide information to potential riders searching the web for a place to train. We visited the facility, shot photos and video, and put together a website full of media to tease his visitors and make them want to give his facility a try.

Company Overview:

"Jammin' Jimmy" Weinert was a pioneering motocross and Supercross champion during the early years of the sport in America. In the 1970s, Weinert won a total of 22 AMA nationals races and three AMA championships during his 11-year professional racing career. The Jammer now coaches the weekly classes, instructing riders to develop their skill. His friendly but firm personality, along with his racing experience, makes Jimmy "The Jammer" Weinert one of the best motocross coaches in the world.

Website Managed By: PatraCompany

Website Link: www.jwtfmx.com

Web Design & Development - Magnum Manufacturing

Project Overview:

Magnum Manufacturing reached out to us to talk about the need to get their products exposure. After a successful meeting, we had a plan to move forward. We took posession of their domain and set up e-mail addresses for the organization. We then built a website that was user-friendly across all platforms including smartphones and tablets. Today, we manage and update the website with fresh daily content and optimize search engine performance each week.

Company Overview:

Magnum Manufacturing, Inc. is an aluminum fabrication company located in Liberty, Maine. Their products range from truck racks, truck beds, and many other accessories. Magnum custom builds products based on the needs of the customer. Visit their website to see some of their work.

Website Managed By: PatraCompany

Website Link: www.magnummfginc.com

Aaron Quinn

Original Computing

Original Computing is our other half. A good analogy might be "they're the cheese to our burger"... maybe it's not a good analogy. Either way, with these guys are on our side, we can better server our clients and we're happy to have them aboard.

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Matthew Carr of Original Computing

Matthew Carr

Original Computing

Original Computing is our other half. A good analogy might be "they're the cheese to our burger"... maybe it's not a good analogy. Either way, with these guys are on our side, we can better server our clients and we're happy to have them aboard.

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Web Design & Development - Osprey Lake Lodge

Project Overview:

Osprey Lake Lodge wanted to share one of Canada's best kept secrets. A lodge located at Osprey Lake in Newfoundland/Labrador that is only accessible by sea plane. Fishermen from around the world needed to discover this special destination. We built them a website that detailed information about Osprey Lake and how to book a trip. The website speaks about the Osprey Lake Region and showcases photos of the beautiful, large Brook Trout that occupy the cold waters of the lake.

Company Overview:

Osprey Lake is nirvana for dry fly enthusiasts with prolific hatches of mayfly and caddis throughout the season. Massive Brook Trout, up to ten pounds, are spotted sipping mayflies off the surface. The brook trout are hard fighting and spirited in the cold waters that flow through the lake. You never know how big the trout can be and they've hooked them from 3 to over 11lbs!

Website Managed By: PatraCompany

Website Link: www.ospreylakelodge.com



Similar to graphic design, the visual representation of your business is created through photography. With today's technology, it's easy to take a consumer camera or a smartphone and capture a moment with a photograph.

Consumer photos are extremely useful when it comes to social media sharing but are not the professional quality your business needs for your website and print materials. This is where we come in. No matter the situation, you can be confident that we'll capture your business professionally so that your business and products look top notch.

Web Design & Development - Oak Leaf Realty

Project Overview:

Oak Leaf Realty had been sitting on a stagnant, out-dated website for quite a few years. The old website was not easy to update and the content remained the same from the day it launched to the day it was taken down. After doing some photo, video, and graphic design work, we talked Oak Leaf Realty into letting us change their presence on the web. After little discussion, we had them convinced. This new website showcases their properties in a better light and a new content marketing campaign was sure to bring them the leads any realty business wants.

Company Overview:

Oak Leaf Realty specializes in large land parcels, waterfront properties and executive subdivisions. Their properties are located throughout the state of Maine with many of them being in the Downeast and Central Maine area including Hancock and Penobscot County. They are dedicated to helping their customers find the best possible property match for their customers needs whether it's residential, commercial or an investment opportunity.

Website Managed By: PatraCompany

Website Link: www.oakleafrealtyofmaine.com

Web Design & Development - Team EJP Racing

Project Overview:

Team EJP has been involved in the racing scene for several decades. The lifeblood of any race team is their sponsors. EJP not only wanted to provide their fans with news and information about the race team, but also wanted to provide their sponsors with more exposure. That's where we came in. We took the colors and design of their race team and built a website that made sense for what they needed. From car racing to motocross; the fans, sponsors, and the team enjoy what this website has to offer.

Company Overview:

Team EJP Racing has over 60 years of knowledge, training and expertise in the automotive and racing industry. From basic fabrication to complete frame off restorations, and everything in-between, Team EJP racing has the skill to do the job right. Visit their website and meet the people who make it all happen at Team EJP Racing.

Website Managed By: PatraCompany

Website Link: www.ejpracing.com

Benjamin Bernier of Original Computing

Benjamin Bernier

Original Computing

Original Computing is our other half. A good analogy might be "they're the cheese to our burger"... maybe it's not a good analogy. Either way, with these guys are on our side, we can better server our clients and we're happy to have them aboard.

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Maine Warden Service :: 130th Anniversary

The Maine Warden Service (MWS) has been active in the State of Maine for over 130 years. From the beginning, they have been tasked with protecting and preserving the natural resources of Maine for the benefit of Maine's community and visitors for generations to come. We're happy to be a big part of helping the MWS bring awareness of their efforts to the public.

As part of their celebratory 130th anniversary, we worked with the MWS to produce a documentary that covered the major events and milestones reached throughout their history. Take a look at this three part series to see where the MWS came from and where they are now.

Maine Warden Service 130th Anniversary Documentary :: Section 1

The Maine Warden Service has been serving Maine for over 130 years now and it only seemed fitting that we pay tribute to those brave men and woman who have dedicated their lives to the program. This is part one of the documentary featuring the history of the Warden service as well as paying tribute to the fallen members from the past.

Maine Warden Service 130th Anniversary Documentary :: Section 2

The second section of the 130th Anniversary Documentary features interviews with past game wardens colonels. All Wardens past and present are very proud of what they do, and live everyday to serve to protect the people and natural resources Maine. Also included is a message from Maine Governor John Baldacci congratulating the Maine Warden Service on 130 years of service.

Maine Warden Service 130th Anniversary Documentary :: Section 3

The third and final section the the documentary features an in depth look into the specialty teams of the Maine Game Warden Service, as well as how the program has evolved over the years to keep up with changing times. The game warden recruitment video is included at the end as well as the full credits for the video.

Final Cut Pro: How to use the Color Limit Effect

There's always a point in every video editor's career where they have the need to single out a color in a scene. They want everything in the scene to be black and white except for a single vibrant color. This type of effect can help the viewer focus on a particular item in the shot or can be a cool overall effect. At PatraCompany, we try to use effects that make sense while being creative, and this effect was one that we used for a motocross video edit at High Point Raceway in Mt. Morris, PA. This effect made sense in the motocross edit because most shots reflected the color of the brand of motorcycle that was in each shot. Obviously some shots had multiple brands in them, so this is where the effect became creative.

Here we have two videos. The first one is a tutorial on how to achieve the color limiting effect and the second is our example; The moto edit.

Final Cut Pro: Converting and Conforming Canon 7D Footage

The Canon 7D is a great DSLR that is most known for it's video capabilites. When comparing price and quality in terms of other options in video production world, you really can't beat this camera. The camera shoots in a variety of formats and frame rates and this can present issues in the post-production editing process. If you're mixing the various video formats in one editing sequence, you can easily run into problems.

One common problem that most editors run into is; mixing full 1080p (1920x1080) 24 frame or 30 frame footage with the 720p (1280x1080) 60 frame slow motion effect footage on the same editing sequence (timeline). This type of workflow involves converting and conforming your footage using software such as MPEG Streamclip (FREE) and Cinema Tools as part of Final Cut Studio. Once you fully understand this workflow, editing with the Canon 7D in Final Cut Studio becomes a breeze. This is specially nice on those hot days. << see what I did there?

Part 1 - The Complete workflow for Canon's 7D and Final Cut Pro:

Canon 7D complete workflow with Final Cut Pro :: Part 1 of 2 from PatraCompany LLC on Vimeo.

Part 2 - The Complete workflow for Canon's 7D and Final Cut Pro:

Canon 7D complete workflow with Final Cut Pro :: Part 2 of 2 from PatraCompany LLC on Vimeo.

The "Magnum Effect": A Photoshop Tutorial

What is the "Magnum Effect" you might ask? Well it's not an industry known term, but more-or-less a term that floats around the PatraCompany office. We commonly say, "make sure all the photos have the Magnum Effect applied to it" before sending an item off to print, that is to say, for a brochure or poster design. We needed a standard to be used on all Magnum advertisments. This is where the "Magnum Effect" was born.

This tutorial breaks down how to create the "Magnum Effect" in Adobe PhotoShop. This effect is similar to the High Dynamic Range (HDR) effect by giving the photo deeper contrast and color, but is still unique in it's own way. Watch the tutorial below and add your own twist!

Hello, my Name is Benjamin Bernier

I am in IT and have been for a few years. I dropped out of college where I was studying philosophy at a well respected private liberal arts institute, and was given a chance in a networking company to be a foot soldier. I was with that company for almost five years before deciding to try my luck with my own company, Original Computing. I have two partners as well, and we all bring different skill sets and perspectives to the table, but all can agree that the customer is always right, content is king, and that software is a service. Original Computing incorporated in 2008 and we are still going strong from our downtown Brunswick office.

I base my life and computer interactions on open source (free) ideals and believe in the golden rule in all its applications.

Hello, my Name is Brendan Gilbert

Raised in a small town called Alton, about 20 minutes north of Bangor, I enjoyed being outside and shooting homemade videos with my friends on my parents shoulder mounted video camera during my youth. This camera was a beast and recorded onto a VCR Tape. The only way to "edit" was by rewinding the tape and reshooting the scene. It also it weighed a ton. During my years attending Old Town High School, I developed a passion for sports, particularly football, and video production. As typical of most high school kids, I waited until my senior year to figure out where I wanted to take my life. I decided on the New England School of Communications and began my freshman year in 2007.

My decision to attend the New England School of Communications was fueled by my passion for sports and video production. I knew that I did not have the physical build or talent to be an athlete, so I decided to find another way to be involved in sports. I wasn't sure how to accomplish this until my sophomore year when NESCom obtained the mobile production truck. This production trailer allowed the students to gain real life experience broadcasting live events. The trailer was mainly used for broadcasting the Husson College football games over the campus network but turned into much more for me.

I became very well versed using the EVS Replay system in the live truck. It was the same unit that is used to show replays during Monday Night Football and other major sporting events. This tool presented me an opportunity with ESPN a few months later. I was offered a freelance job running replay for the National High School Basketball Tournament; which aired on ESPN. This lit a fire in me and drove me to become an intern for the worldwide leader in sports in October of 2009.

After completing my internship I had a goal: to work at ESPN. I worked hard and finally got a job shortly after graduation in October of 2010. My position as an Operations Technician was fun and exciting. I worked on shows such as SportsCenter, NFL Live, and postgame shows for the NBA Finals. Shortly after moving to Connecticut my wife and I found our-selves missing Maine, our friends, and our family. In December of 2012 we decided to leave Connecticut and move back to Maine. It was a hard decision and one that led me to a career at PatraCompany.

At PatraCompany I help support, and manage, clients throughout New England with their marketing and branding campaigns. I currently manage several companies social media accounts and believe heavily on inbound marketing. With that being said, I also maintain their blogs and websites to improve user interaction. I use tools such as MOZ, Google / Bing Webmasters, Analytics, AdWords, Yext, and more to generate leads and help better understand the interaction of the user.

Hello, my Name is Paul Michaud

Should I repeat the title or should I not? That is the question.

I shall not, but I can tell you that I'm super excited for life in general. Everyone has a long story and I prefer to keep this one brief. If you'd like to hear more of my story, I'd be glad to bring you down that road over a morning coffee or evening beverage. Just let me know.

I've been a Mainer all my life. I'm a deep thinker who is curious as to how all things work. As a child I would disassemble an item such as a vacuum just to see if I was smart enough to put it back together. I also enjoy sports. Mostly high-adrenaline independent sports, specifically motocross and ski racing, although I did play a fair amount of hockey in my youth. The sport that has stuck with me and is my passionate hobby today is motocross. Although I do ski regularly when winter arrives.

I wasn't a very good student in grade school. I didn't do homework and I often daydreamed during class. I was a C average student who excelled in math and science but didn't care for much else than hanging out with friends, riding my dirtbike, and skiing. I enrolled in a couple Lewiston Regional Technical Center computer classes my junior year in which I did enjoy. I think it was mostly because I had a computer in front of me and clicking around held my attention. My senior year came around and the big question came up. College? Should I go? If so, where should I go? I met with my guidance counselor and she informed me about the New England School of Communications (NEScom) in Bangor Maine. She mentioned the web and video programs offered at the school and I decided to take a tour.

When I walked into NEScom, I couldn't believe the amount of technology and equipment that was available to be used by the students. I could already see myself sitting in the television studio and the computer labs working on projects. I decided right then, that I wanted to attend this school. I applied and got a response within a couple weeks. I was accepted on the terms that I would improve my grades to a B average on the last quarter of my senior year. This seemed easy enough but for a number of reasons, I just didn't do it. I really wanted to go to NEScom but I knew I was in trouble. I decided to write the school a letter. I basically told them that if they were to accept me, I wouldn't let them down. A week later, I received my acceptance letter. After four and a half years I graduated with a 3.86 GPA and a Bachelor's degree in communications with a concentration in Video Production and Web Media. I was awarded "Outstanding Achievement in Video Production" and was an Alpha Beta Kappa Member of the Nation Honor Society. I don't feel I let NEScom down and they agree.

While I was developing my knowledge and skill at NEScom, I was working for Factory Connection Suspension, a motocross suspension company out of Barrington, NH. I made videos and was updating their website with press realeases and other media. One day, Regis Tremblay of The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) called NEScom to inquire about some new video technology and how to get the state department started in making videos to persuade the legislature. The school recommended that I work with MDIFW for the summer of 2008 as part of my internship credit. I took the offer and when the internship ended, MDIFW continued to hire me for further work and consulting. By the time I graduated from NEScom in 2010, I was able to work for myself and didn't have to looking for a job.

As I continued working for myself, I knew I needed a business name. I thought long and hard about the direction of where I wanted to go with it. I decided to go with PatraCompany and here's why. Growing up I had a good friend by the name of Travis Steward. We would ride BMX bikes, dirtbikes, ski, shoot pellet guns at each other (no eye protection. I know. Dumb.), get in fistfights, and we even played in a band together. Travis was my best friend growing up. As we got older, we began making MX videos. We were in high school and were actually good enough that Factory Connection and other local companies were hiring us to produce videos for their website. We were making money and we hadn't even gone to college yet. Travis joined me at NESCom for the first year and then decided to pursue work in the motocross industry making videos instead of finishing college. Travis traveled the United States capturing motocross footage while I finished out the programs at NEScom. I had a feeling that we would someday work together again and that's why I used the name PatraCompany. Pa = Paul, tra = Travis.

In the fall of 2010, Travis returned home, ready to settle down with his girlfriend and work closer to home. He had a number of connections, as did I. After a conversation over a beer, we decided to join forces and by 2011 we became PatraCompany LLC. At first, Travis didn't know the significance of the name of the business, but after a little thinking, he realized what I had done.

There's a lot more to this story but all you really need to know is this. My character translates in to everything business related and the services that we provide at PatraCompany. My curiosity has sent me down a road where I spend a lot of my time in the office discovering. I've developed the philosophy that "if a human can do it, I can do it". This goes for PatraCompany as well. I truly feel that our only limits are within our own minds and we can do anything just as good or better than the next company. We just have to apply ourselves and with a guy like me on board, we will strive for perfection. I may make some employees frustrated in this process but they'll get over it. Especially when they see how paying attention to the small details really does help the final product. I enjoy what I do and I'm excited to build PatraCompany into a company that other business' can rely on. I hope you'll join us someday.

Hello, my Name is Keith Burgie

Once upon a time there was a Keith. He spent his first decade in Connecticut and his second one in Maine. Keith was a terrible motocross racer but he loved dirt bikes. He realized his knack for digital media could keep him close to the sport, so he went to the University of Maine and studied New Media (and business, advertising, psychology, kinesiology and others). He was never good at picking one thing to focus on.

After jamming his feet into many doors, two weeks before graduation Keith was offered a job with one of the top companies in motocross. They produced two major magazines, two major websites, the world's preeminent amateur championship and the United States' professional motocross series.

Despite having a few awesome experiences, Keith learned that mixing business and pleasure was not right for him. The job was in middle-of-nowhere West Virginia and Keith missed friends, family and home in Maine. 18-months later he was back at his parent's house, wondering what to do next.

Then something pretty cool happened. Keith had worked hard during that year and a half and people noticed. He was called and offered a position with Fuel TV, an action-sports channel owned by Fox, and could work from home. Then another guy called by the name of Paul Michaud.

Paul had a growing marketing company with several WordPress websites and occasionally needed more manpower. Keith knew about graphic design, writing, SEO, and a little bit of video, but at that point his focus turned toward web design and development.

Keith went back to school for a semester and took programming classes that lead to another out of state job, this time with a software company in North Carolina. It was here that Keith truly blossomed as a developer, diving deep into HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and responsive design.

Things were rosy in North Carolina but it was Keith's wife's turn to chase her dream after receiving an opportunity to study humpback whales in the Cook Islands. They sold what they couldn't pack and went to live in a shack on a 26 square mile island in the South Pacific. Shockingly, that turned out to be a terrible idea, but hey, you live, you learn and then you have stories to tell.

Back in Maine, PatraCompany was chugging along like The Little Engine That Could and happily took Keith on board to shovel coal. He's happy here in the engine room and excited to see where the train goes next.

Hello, my Name is Graham Nash

As early as I can remember there was no activity I enjoyed more than drawing pictures. With my trusty crayons at my side, pictures of my family, my favorite superheroes, even scenes from recently watched movies came to life, on everything from construction paper to cardboard boxes. Fortunately, my passion for doodling was nurtured and has evolved into a successful graphic design career.

I moved from the Gulf Coast to Portland with my wife, Jill, the summer of 2006. Jill had visited several times, but I had only visited Maine once (Bar Harbor and Acadia the previous summer). Although I hadn't experienced a Maine winter, I was hooked. We closed on our house, packed the moving truck, and set off for Maine all on the same day. We had no place to live, no friends or family closer than eight hours away, and no jobs. It was the scariest and most exciting time of our lives (except for the birth of our two boys of course!).

Everything worked out just fine. We found a great apartment in town and somehow managed to move everything (including a king-sized, pillow-topped mattress) to the third floor... alone-the true test of a marital bond. In February, I got a job working at High Point as a typesetter/pre-press tech initially, but because of my existing skillset the position became graphic designer. Eager to learn more, I began studying web design, then email design and development.

In the Spring of 2011, money was tight. I needed to earn some extra cash to fill in the gaps. Through a mutual client, I was introduced to Paul and Travis. We met over a few beers at the Sea Dog, hit it off, and I became PatraCompany's graphic designer. It's been three years, and I gotta' say, I really love drawing pictures for these guys.

Hello, my Name is Travis Steward

Chances are you landed on this blog because you are looking for my qualifications. What makes me an expert anyway? Well, I'm not an expert. I am an experienced, hard working, trustworthy, and knowledgeable consultant that holds myself accountable for every decision I make. That is enough adjectives for one blog.

I started my career by picking up a video camera and documenting my friends racing motocross. When I edited the video down to a music track and watched it back I got chills. That was the moment I realized how powerful this medium could be, and from that moment on, I was hooked.

Flash forward a couple years and find me in a conversion van driving hours on end to make a documentary about the journey of a motocross athlete heading to the professional ranks. Not long there after, I traded the van in for plane tickets and realized my dream of traveling the entire professional motocross series filming for multiple major media outlets had come true. My responsibilities were not just in video, but also in writing articles, handling social media, press releases, SEO, and photography. I gained all the knowledge I could gather by working with companies such as NBC Sports, Red Bull, Vurbmoto, and Racer X Illustrated. I was able to work first hand with some of the best videographers, photographers, and PR authors in the business.

During my travels I stayed in touch with my long time friend Paul Michaud who was busy dominating a college degree. Upon his graduation he offered me an opportunity to leave my jetsetter status and start a multimedia company. I accepted and PatraCompany was born.

At the time we thought we had everything. A great eye for photo and video, the skills to build websites and handle social media, and the ability to offer the full gamut of multimedia needs.

Now that we have added more to our team, we have expanded on the fact that we do offer everything and do it better than anyone around. So, there you have it. Those are my credentials and as you can see, I am no expert. But, I can say that as a team, we ARE experts. I am proud of the crew we have and I look forward to working hard everyday.