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ROCKET to SUCCESS w/ Inbound Marketing

At PatraCompany we believe in success. We believe that your business should have it every day. Through Inbound Marketing, we can help your business reach goals and grow like never before. We're here to help you board the rocket to planet success and beyond. After all, your success is our business.

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Cultivate a Better Business.

Making Marketing Fun

The old ways of marketing just aren't fun. Cold calling, introduction e-mails, door-to-door soliciting, etc. Bothering people with outbound marketing methods just isn't fun. Inbound Marketing is.

Changing Gears

The opposite of outbound is inbound. Knowing that, we can easily explain that your sales team no longer has to reach OUT and find customers. Instead, your customers reach IN and find you.

It's in the Numbers

Measuring your ROI has never been easier. Data collection is a constant with Inbound. It's time to clearly understand which sources are converting the most customers and do more of what works.

Design is crucial,
we can help.

The visual representation of your business is created through graphic design. It can be clean, simple, edgy, you name it! Understanding your industry and your business values, we'll help you shape the character of your business!

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Now is the time to
Build Efficiency.

It’s important to develop a website that makes it easy for your customers to find what they need and acquire your products or services; we do that. It’s equally important to take a look at your current business processes and develop systems that make these process more efficient. We do this by leveraging modern technology and cutting out paperwork.

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Your audience.

The foundation of PatraCompany was built on video production. We are passionate about every component related to video because we know how powerful it can be when it comes to informing, educating, and entertaining the masses. We’re happy to offer this professional service to our customers without the need to outsource.

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The Power of

Some people call it the face of your business. We refer to it as the presentation of your business. When it comes to the photographs that are used to represent your business, it’s essential to make sure they are shot by a skilled photographer. If not, your reflection may have a negative impact in the eyes of your audience.

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Always moving forward!

HubSpot Certified Partner

As a HubSpot Certified Partner we can help you with all aspects of marketing your business. Big or small, we can help.

Yext Certified

Need to improve your local seo efforts for your business? We can get your business listed on more than 50+ listing sites.

Moz Pro Member

Looking to optimize & improve your search rankings in search engines like Google & Bing? Using tools like Moz, we can get it done!

Our Featured Clients

What Our Clients Say

We're in the business of your success and we mean it. Without the success of your business, our portfolio is not worth showcasing.
Our portfolio is the lifeblood of PatraCompany and we strive to create the best portfolio possible.

  • Mr. Steve Anderson Mr. Steve Anderson
    Company Founder & CEO
    at Legacy Publishing

    The whole PatraCompany team have been fantastic to work with. They’re real professionals who have a great eye for producing video content that sells- and they have fun doing it. I’d highly recommend PatraCompany to anyone looking to create dynamic, believable video.

  • Mr. Ted Cooper Mr. Ted Cooper
    at Cooper Paving, LLC

    PatraCompany helped us expand our company's marketing approach, by updating our logo and developing a new and improved website. They offered great advice and ideas to promote our business and attract customers. I would highly recommend their services to any business looking to improve their marketing approach.

  • Mr. Ryan Filion Mr. Ryan Fillion
    Vice President
    at Wallboard Supply Company, Inc.

    PatraCompany helped us discover a whole new world of marketing. From completely rebuilding our company's website to now handling Wallboard's complete online marketing package, these guys never disappoint!

  • Colonel Joel Wilkinson Colonel Joel Wilkinson
    at Maine Warden Service

    PatraCompany delivers state-of-the-art technology, a tireless work ethic, fast turnaround times, and a finished product that always impresses. With all this comes patient, approachable personalities that listen to customer's needs.

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The Importance of Sales and Marketing Communication

Video Billboards

Sales and marketing departments have, more often than not, had an uncomfortable relationship with one another. In many companies, these departments have felt that they were at odds. Marketing gets frustrated when sales neglects hot leads; sales gets annoyed when they feel that marketing hasn't created the materials necessary to properly warm up a prospect. But, in a successful modern business, it's more important than ever for your sales and marketing departments to work together to nurture leads and convert them to new business for your construction firm. A few ways to bring these teams together:

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Modern Online Marketing Avenues Explained

Video Billboards

Just as traditional marketing includes a variety of channels like TV, radio, print and direct mail, modern digital marketing includes a wealth of avenues, as well. To make sure that your construction company's marketing is optimally effective, you need to make sure that you are taking full advantage of every relevant channel. What is effective for one prospect may be a non-starter with another. By reaching out in a number of venues, you can ensure that you have better market penetration. What channels should you use in your digital marketing efforts? Some of the most important places to start:

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How To Rebound from Google's Mobilegeddon Update


Did it hit you? Many sites found that, overnight, they went from indexing well on Google to invisible in the top ten results. The reason? They failed to create mobile-friendly options for their visitors who were coming to the site from tablets or mobile phones. Mobile is especially important for locally-oriented businesses such as construction, since many prospects will use their phones when checking out local companies.

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Attracting Customers with the Inbound Methodology Process

Content Creation

Today's customers are different. In earlier eras, marketing was a one-way conversation. Businesses would advertise or reach out via methods like cold calling or direct mail. Customers would respond, gather information from the business and make a decision. But now, a customer can do nearly all of their purchasing research passively without making direct contact with a business. According to The Guardian, a customer will engage with an average of 18 pieces of content before finally reaching a purchasing decision. By the time you hear directly from a potential buyer, almost all of their buying decision has been made. To ensure that your company is the one that they buy from, attract them to your site so your content is with them throughout their buyer's journey.

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Customers: You Have Them, Now How Do Keep Them?

Your Company vs. Customers

Would you be surprised to learn that you already have your most qualified list of leads in your possession? While most marketing campaigns concentrate on bringing in new blood, the real money is in another cohort: those people who have already purchased from you. While it's still important to bring in new leads, money spent continuing to court the people who have already purchased from you is money well spent.